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        Other Types of Students

        Domestic info Independent Students

        Take advantage of open enrollment at one of the world's great universities. During the summer, UC Berkeley's academic program is open to adults, high school graduates, community residents, and anyone else in the group we call "independent." About 1,000 of the nearly 16,000 summer students fall into this category.

        Even if you are not a current US University or College student you may enroll in UC Berkeley Summer Sessions as an independent student. Take a course for personal enrichment. Prepare for a future degree program. Advance your job options. Whatever reason you choose, you enrich the classroom environment with your viewpoints and experience. All we ask is that you be committed to a serious course of study.

        Are you at a California Community College?

        Pathways to Four-Year Universities is a new initiative with UC Berkeley and five Bay Area community colleges. Pathways supports community college students who intend to transfer to UC Berkeley, another UC campus, or any four-year university with two key elements:

        • Advising from UC Berkeley pathway advisers directly on their community college campus
        • Taking summer courses at UC Berkeley