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      1. Refund Policy


        Refund of Credit Card Payments
        If your fees have been paid with a credit card, and you are eligible to receive a refund, you will receive a refund back to your credit card. Refunds from cancellations and withdrawals will be processed within 15 business days from the day of the cancellation/withdrawal. Refunds from a decrease in units will be refunded on July 31, 2020. If you add more units after a refund has been processed, you will be subject to the credit card processing fee.

        Refund of Non-Credit Card Payments
        If your fees have been paid with a method other than a credit card, and you are eligible to receive a refund, you will receive an email notification within 15 days that the refund is available either via Direct Deposit or as a paper check available for pickup from Cal Student Central.

        If Your Course is Canceled

        Although very few courses are canceled, Berkeley Summer Sessions reserves the right to cancel a course if it has not enrolled enough students before the beginning of the course's instruction. The sponsoring academic department may also cancel courses based on their internal criteria. In the case of course cancellation, all enrolled students are notified by email, dropped from the class and no longer charged for the class. If the canceled course is your only course and you do not want to another course in its place, the Cancellation Fee will be waived.

        Summer Tuition Credit

        If you drop a class after the refund deadline of the session, you will have summer tuition credit you may apply toward any class you subsequently add in the same summer term. Summer tuition credits cannot be applied towards previously added classes, nor can they be transferred to other terms at the University. If you drop a class that was added using a summer tuition credit, you will not receive a refund and you will be charged for the original class from which the summer tuition credit was generated.

        • You drop a 3-unit English class in Session C after the deadline to drop for a refund but before the deadline to drop for no refund: You are charged for 3-unit English class, while you have summer tuition credit for 3 units.
        • Then you add a 3-unit Math class in Session D: You are charged for 3-unit English class (summer tuition credit applies to the 3-unit Math class).
        • Then you drop the 3-unit Math class in Session D after the deadline to drop for a refund: You are charged for 3-unit English class, and 3-unit Math class (you have unused summer tuition credit for 6 units).

        Refund Appeals

        We understand that situations occur that may prevent you from attending or completing Summer Sessions courses. If you need to drop or withdraw from Berkeley Summer Sessions after the refund deadline, there are procedures in place for requesting an appeal to the refund policy.

        Summer 2018 refund appeals will NOT be accepted after Friday, September 21, 2018.

        Summer 2019 refund appeals will NOT be accepted after Friday, September 20, 2019.

        Please note: Appeals for refunds for summer term(s) 2016 and earlier will not be accepted, considered, or adjudicated due to a legacy system shutdown.

        Students must be dropped or withdrawn from the Summer Sessions course(s) for which they are requesting a refund BEFORE submitting their refund appeal.

        All refund appeals require a signed letter of explanation and supporting documentation. You should state, as concisely and clearly as possible, the reason for this appeal. The appeal letter is limited to one page, not to exceed 500 words, and it must be written and signed by the student. The letter should also include the following:

        • Student Name
        • Student ID
        • Student's Current Postal Address
        • Student's Current E-Mail Address
        • Course(s) of the Requested Refund (e.g. Math 1A) and Class Number (e.g. 5 digit number)


        • We honor the confidentiality of all supporting documentation, as well as your overall student records.
        • Refund Appeals will not be accepted via E-Mail.
        • The $100.00 Cancellation Fee is Non-Refundable.

        It is essential to disclose all information, reasons for the appeal, and all supporting documentation regarding your case in the initial appeal letter. Subsequent appeal letters providing new information, different reasons for the appeal, or new supporting documentation are not eligible for review.

        Required Documentation for the Most Common Appeals

        For a medical problem, we require verification of the severity of the condition (verification of how the condition affects your ability to perform university-level coursework), not a detailed description of the condition itself. We require a letter, typed on official letterhead, from the physician or another personal healthcare provider, or the form used by the Tang Center at UC Berkeley. The letter must be signed by the physician and delivered/mailed in a sealed envelope. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationery are not acceptable.

        Death in the Family
        We require a copy of the death certificate (or verification of death from the hospital or attending physician), and the deceased's relation to the student.

        How to Submit:
        Mail or submit in person to the address below:

        Berkeley Summer Sessions
        1995 University Avenue, Suite 130
        Berkeley, CA 94704

        Refunds for Special Programs

        Students participating in a special program offered by Berkeley Summer Sessions, such as Summer Abroad or Global Internships programs, must follow the policies and procedures published in their respective sections. Please refer to the policies for Summer Abroad and Global Internships for more information. Students participating in the College of Environmental Design's Summer Institute, embARC Summer Design Academy, or Disc* programs must follow the policies and procedures published by the CED.