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      1. Changing Course Options


        Changing Grading Options

        Deadline to Change Grading Option

        How to Change Grading Option: You may change your initial grading option any time in CalCentral before the deadline to change grading option. After the session ends, it is no longer possible to change the grading option.

        Available Grading Options:

        • Letter Grade (A,B,C,D,F);
        • Passed/Not Passed (P/NP)
        • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U)

        Passed/Not Passed

        Grading option for undergraduate-level students (those without BA/BS equivalent), including high school students. A C- or better is considered passing

        Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (For Graduate-level students (has BA/BS or equivalent)
        Grading option for graduate-level students (those with BA/BS equivalent), including recent graduates of college not currently enrolled in a graduate school. A B- or better is considered passing.

        Most universities will not accept P/NP or S/U work for transfer credit. Please consult the appropriate office at your home campus or university before selecting this option.


        Changing a Course’s Unit Value

        You may change the number of units in which you are enrolled for courses approved for variable units. Because increasing and decreasing a unit value equates to adding and dropping courses/units, deadlines and policies for both Add and Drop actions apply when changing a course's unit value.