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Theater 118AC - Performance, Television, and Social Media (4 units): This course examines the intersections of performance and media—specifically the media forms of television and social media in the U.S.—with a focus on how various types of difference are enacted, articulated, represented, and played on TV and social media platforms. We will study the many intersections of performance theory and television, which include the TV industry’s roots in New York theater, the unique modes of acting required by television roles, and the numerous ways that television audiences “perform” for one another in response to the media they consume, for example by writing stories based on their favorite shows and sharing them online. We will also study how contemporary social media platforms operate as performance spaces, in which all of the users are the “actors,” performing for one another. We will then discuss how issues pertaining to race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality are depicted on television and discussed on social media. We will focus on representations of African Americans, indigenous peoples, Latinxs, Asian Americans, women, and LGBTQIA people. Students will be expected to apply the theoretical concepts and frameworks from performance studies (which they will learn in Modules 1 and 2) to the television texts and social media that they analyze. This course has been approved to fulfill the UC Berkeley American Cultures requirement.

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