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        Contact Us


        Have a question or concern?

        Most information about Berkeley Summer Sessions can be found on this website and on our Frequently Asked Questions pages.


        Berkeley Summer Sessions Office

        Berkeley Summer Sessions strives to provide the best student service possible. If you are unable to find the specific information you are looking for, contact us via phone or email:

        Address: 1995 University Avenue, Suite 130
        Berkeley, CA 94704-7026
        (2 blocks west of campus, at the corner of University Avenue and Milvia Street - Map)
        Campus Mail Code: #1080

        Office hours: Summer Sessions is not currently open to the public. We are available to answer your questions through these remote options.
        Phone: (510) 642-5611
        Fax: (510) 642-2877
        Email: summer@berkeley.edu

        In the event of an emergency contact the University of California, Berkeley Police Department (510) 642-3333 and visit http://emergency.berkeley.edu.